Karari, Kaushambi,Uttar Pradesh, India.

About Us

Vision & Mission

Our Vision & Mission

The school aims at an all round charecter formation and the development of proper attitudes of its student to provide the country future citizens who can adapt to the fast ever changing world.

The school endeavors to impart value based education to children and provide opportunities to them to progress according to their ability, aptitude and interest.

The school emphasizes the development of all round personality of the child by keeping a balance in curricular and co-curricular activities.

The school with its latest techniques in the education aims at a holistic and multi-sensorial development of children through education toys and equipment.

School provides ample opportunities and scope for student's participation in such activities which develop kind that are creative, inventive and innovative, capable of doing new things and not simply repeat what earlier generations have done.

Particular attention is focused on developing the art of Spoken English and the command over language.

Above all a student of Dr. Rizvi Springfield school is trained to have humanistic outlook so that he / she will now hold his / her head high being proud to be counted as Springfieldite.